Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Saturday in Edinburgh...Castle, guards, and a party!

Day two was spent bumming around Edinburgh. I have to say I was pretty overwhelmed by 1. just being in Scotland, 2. the total beauty of the city. There is so much history there, pride in heritage, and I know my Scottish grandfather was smiling from Heaven that I was walking those cobblestone streets.

Here are some pics from Edinburgh:

The day we were there was the Queen's birthday, so they had a royal guard at Edinburgh Castle. We were there just in time to see the changing of the guard. By accident I made a guard smile. I mentioned I wanted to snap a photo of him and Kenny said "They look so stern," and I replied "I think they look cute!" The guard looked over at me and started grinning. I snapped his photo and said, "You aren't supposed to do that!

The Turners told me the story of Greyfrier's Bobby. A dog so loyal to his shepherd owner, that he spent years living in the graveyard at the grave of the poor shepherd. People would feed him and after the dog's passing, a monument was erected for him.

It was raining pretty hard, so we ducked into a pub. I snapped a photo of my Bombshell's jacket in the pub.

That night Keith and Lynn had a party. In typical Kim fashion, I forgot to take many photos. Keith took some but he lags at putting them up so I still have not seen them. I did get a picture of Marty who promotes Spider's Web, and Keith and Lynn's friends Sandra and Willy. Willy reminded me of my imaginary husband.

All of their friends were so nice and made me feel so welcome in Scotland. Sandra and I even got down to some Charlie Feathers.


Straight Talking Mama! said...

Such a lovely bunch of people. You're right to Edinburgh is lovely! I did live there after Linlithgow for a few months, but not long I just remember it being the coldest place on earth!


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