Saturday, April 6, 2013

VLV 16 Pool Party!

This year I didn't plan on going to the pool party. With the weight gain and not liking to show my legs in public, I did not prepare at all. After waking up at 1:30 on Sunday, putting my hair in pin curls and scarf, I threw on a wrap dress and ventured out. After a quick stop at the vendors where I purchased a pink and black taffeta dress, I headed out to see the fabulous swimwear. 

Oran and Teresa (Oresa as Patrick calls them)

 Lola from My High Heeled Darling

Sean and Lola

Aileen looking Fab

Jessica in a Ceeb, and her friend looking amazing

Lola, John and "El Nova"

Lee looking so slim 

Lola and I

Lee's cute pin up shot

Lee and I

Melissa, the winner of the swimsuit contest

With my friend Moi.

Melissa and Bud

With Tara from The DC Metro Retro

Tanoa "Samoa Boy" from A-Town Booking

My buddy Gabe, and I

 I was lame and forgot my camera Sunday night...I did get a video of Lee Dresser and the Krazy Kats, one of my favorite old timers. I will post that later.


Incendiary Blonde said...

Awwww such great photos - I wish we were all back there now! Great to see you - allbeit briefly - in Vegas, Kim! xxx

Tara said...

It was so great seeing you this year and also at the pool party! You looked so lovely and those heart-shaped sunglasses! Oh lady! Can we say, "CUTE?!"

james.naessens said...

so funny the man is waring a fez that belonges to a lady order
but stil nice ; love a man with a fez

James Little


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