Tuesday, February 12, 2013

One of My Favoite Things....

I just love the scent of Gardenias. The scent was first recognizable to me as a child. My Grandmother, Tutu, wore Gardenia perfume, most likely, "Jungle Gardenia," which was Elizabeth Taylor's favorite. 

At the age of 16, I rediscovered that fragrance, and bought my own bottle of "Jungle Gardenia." In the 80s, Jungle Gardenia was no longer made by Tuvache, and the packaging was a little less glamorous.

In the late 80s, I got sucked into the trends of Calvin Klein perfumes, and in the 90s, went retro with "Tea Rose," (it probably made me smell like an 80 year old woman). I searched for Jungle Gardenia and could not find it. No Gardenia Scent could live up to the original.

A few years ago, I ran into my friend, Cathy, (Frank and I nick- named her "Pretty Cathy" years ago) and as I leaned in to give her a hug I smelled it! Yes, I believed she was wearing Jungle Gardenia!  

I asked Cathy, what perfume she used, and she replied that she was wearing "Gardenia Passion" by Anik Gutal. I had never heard of it. Cathy explained that it is the purest form of Gardenia Perfume available, and where we live it is only sold at Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus Department Stores. 

 The next time I visited our local mall was several months later. I really don't like shopping malls, for various reasons. I only venture into them when I need cosmetics or something for my kids that I can't purchase somewhere else. I wandered into the perfume department of Nordstrom, but had trouble remembering the name of the perfume. I told them I wanted the purest form of Gardenia and they shoved Marc Jacobs under my nose. I explained it was French and only sold at Nordstroms and Neiman Marcus, but they were clueless. I finally phoned Cathy and told the confused salesgirl that I wanted Anik Gutal, "Gardenia Passion." She found it in a remote corner of the fragrance department, and pulled out a bottle of Eau De Parfum, and I happily paid the most I have ever paid for a bottle of Perfume. 

I really love it, but do not recommend investing in the lotion. The lotion is $65, and I found it does not hold the scent and does not quite smell the same. 

You can find Anik Gutal "Gardenia Passion" on Amazon and ebay, for a bit less that the Department Stores, although the one time I bought a travel size in a beautiful brass mini bottle from ebay, it didn't smell the same. 

Everytime I wear the perfume I am stopped and complimented, or someone will ask "who smells so good?"   It is the perfect perfume to wear with vintage Hawaiian dresses.



Me too i'm crazy about the gardenia scent but i never keep the green plant alive more than 3 months even if i put mineral spring water inside :/
I should start again to grow some of this gardenia pot, may be since i'm not the slave of a cat, i will improve my chance to succeed :))

Tallia said...

I am in love with perfume! I am in love with Guess perfume at the moment



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