Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Oh yeah....I have a blog!

Greetings! Yes, I am still alive. Frank is still alive, and I have been a very bad blogger.

I apologize for being away so long. There are a few reasons I've neglected this blog. Obviously Frank's cancer was the most important thing in my life at the time I stopped. He had a successful surgery in June, in which his lymph nodes came back negative for cancer. He had gotten the melanoma before it had spread. His recovery was lengthy, and he was unable to drive almost all summer which made life difficult since I was working in the City and he had gone back to work (probably too early) and had developed complications. He has been well since September, and we are counting our blessings. 

The second reason I've not cared to write is I really have not been going out much. I haven't been taking photos when I do go out, so it seemed pointless to write. I am still very involved in Mason's skating, and focus a lot of attention on that.

The third reason is that there were certain people who were reading my blog, that I sensed did not like me. I also believed they might try to use what I write against me in some way. I know it sounds a little paranoid, but I was not in a position, emotionally, to have any sort of negativity directed at me. Today, if there are haters out there reading this, I can't be bothered to give a damn. Read and hate away! 

I have had some major changes since I last wrote:
1. I left La Rosa and am happily unemployed and taking care of the kids since September. 

2. I left the Bombshells around the time Frank received his diagnosis. 

3. I got FAT again!    

Working at La Rosa was something I loved. I loved the clothes, I loved the customers, my coworkers, and all of it. My family did not love me working up there. I was too far away from the kids after school and I didn't get home until 9PM some nights. I had to choose, and anyone who knows me, knows I will always choose my family over work. 

Leaving the Bombshells was one of the hardest things I have done in my social life. The girls and the club were a big part of my life for over 6 years, but we had all changed over the years. Marriages, kids, different responsibilities and I was struggling managing my time. I knew I would not be able to honor the commitments involved with being in the club, so I had to go inactive. 

As for the weight gain...what can I say except I like to eat. I really like to eat when I feel stressed. I also really like to eat when I'm not going out and have no reason to get dressed up. I gained back almost all the weight I lost in 2009 and 2010. I returned to weight watchers a couple weeks ago and will remedy this situation. I have lost 6.5 pounds the first two weeks, so I know I will not have a 30 inch waist by Viva, but I will be on my way. 

Now that I am back, I may start writing in my weight loss blog again, but I will definitely be back to write about people, places and events that I enjoy. Maybe a little history on certain things that interest me. Who knows

Frank and I in December


Betty2Tone (Laura) said...

I was actually wondering about your blog recently. I'm glad you're back and that everything mostly is OK! :D

InkyW said...

Great news about Frank!! What a relief :) Glad to have you back in the blogosphere!

Elisa said...

I am thrilled to hear you and Frank are ok! I did not want to bring it up when I saw you briefly at Jason Adam's Metro show last year but am so happy he made it through. I look forward to seeing you at Viva!

To any haters, piss off! Glad you are not going to let them hold you back!


Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

Glad to see you back! I'm also glad to hear your husband is doing so well. I was thinking about ya and hoping good news had been coming your way.


TemperamentalBroad@blogspot.com said...

Yay!! I'm so glad you're back! And so glad to hear that your hubby is doing well. Thats the most important thing.

Can't wait to see you at Viva!!!

59KUSTOM said...

Glad you're back, Kim. Great to hear that Frank is well. Good luck going forward & I look forward to reading your posts.

Jana B said...

Glad to see you blogging again! And very glad your husband is doing well!


How happy i'm for you Kim and your family !!!

Incendiary Blonde said...

Good to have you back Kim, and so very glad to hear that Frank is back to good health! Looking forward to catching up with you at Viva!!! xx

Gabriella said...

It's great to see you back in the blogosphere. Glad to hear that Frank is doing well. Sending you hugs and hugs!

Laurence said...

Glad to see that despite all these changes you feel good!
Hope to see you in Vegas!

Wink said...

Nothin' but love for you here, Kim! Glad Frank is doing better, glad your stress is down, and don't care a whit what size you are (but will support your weight loss goals in any way I can).

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Great to see you back Kim, and such great news that Frank is doing well and on the mend! :) x


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