Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rockin' the 229 by Rollin Records and Bopflix

Rollin Records is probably my favorite modern record label that is putting out records and CDs at the moment. Neil sent me their promo DVD from their show they did in 2010, and I'm hoping someone will send me this one. Oh hell, I think I will just break down and buy it! You can order DVDs, CDs and records directly from the website: Rollin Records

I had the opportunity to meet Chris Magee, the producer, director, and editor of all the Bopflix videos while in the UK. It's amazing so much talent could be had in someone so young. Bopflix is responsible for the Documentary about the Rockabilly Rave, "Havin' a Ball" and also the great videos put out by Jack Rabbit Slim (Kitten with a Whip and Wolf Call). 

This DVD features some of my buddies over in the UK, and I look forward to seeing the interviews, in addition to seeing the performances of these amazing bands.

Don't forget to turn off the music player before you play the video!


Lucky O'Day said...

I'll most definitely be checking out that label, I'm constantly on the hunt for GOOD music to add to the collection. Sadly, it's so hard to do.
And every time I stop by your blog, I always end up reading old posting and laughing my butt off by myself on my couch! Your honesty is priceless ;)

Kim said...

I'm glad someone is reading it! hehe...This label puts out a lot of vinyl, also, so if you collect and play vinyl, definitely check them out!


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