Monday, December 6, 2010

Saturday with the Bombshells

This past weekend, I skipped my usual Friday night record hop in favor of sleeping, because I knew I had a busy weekend planned.

Saturday I was up early, and after getting ready, went to the market to purchase ingredients to make a layered bean dip. Saturday the Bombshell's had their scheduled meeting and we decided to have our annual holiday celebration that night. We did a potluck Mexican meal, after a day spent at a car show/toy drive, and a stop by an open-house/fashion show at a local hair salon.

The carshow/toy drive was sponsored by the Last-laffs car club at the Bayview Boathouse Club in San Francisco. It was the first time I had ever been there and was pleased with how quaint it was.

Front of the Boathouse
 The Boathouse was located right on the bay. There was a great view of some old docks and you could see across the bay. There was a great path along the water with cute little alcoves decorated with different old nautical themed kitsch. 

Tanya by a pot bellied stove in one of the alcoves
  Some of the alcoves and the garden

The view from the gardens and the Bombshells out back

Some of the cars that were parked out front

Leaving the boat house and back at Tanya's house for the potluck

We did our annual gift exchange and had fun playing the "gift stealing" game. That is where we all get a number, and pick a gift in numbered order. If you like what someone else got, before you choose a gift you have the opportunity to steal it, but it can't be stolen more than twice. If your gift is stolen you can go again. When it was my turn, I chose to steal the Starbucks gift card because I go there every day! 

It was a great day with the girls and we ended it by going to see "Burlesque" with Christina Aguilara and Cher. The movie was cheesy, and it wasn't burlesque that I know that was depicted on the screen, but it was a fun girl date.


Betty2Tone said...

I liked the Burlesque movie too, but I was hoping it would be a little more over the top and campy then it ended up being

Kim Bombshell said...

There was too much singing, and not enough stripping!

Michelle said...

You ladies are adorable! And I totally would have stolen the Starbucks gift card, too. ;)

Rachelle said...

What a great day spent with great friends.

Kim Bombshell said...

It was a great day with great friends, and lucky you to get those awesome glasses!


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