Monday, November 15, 2010

Another Friday night of dancing

Pictures stolen from Aaron Dunmore and Raul Castro...

Tanoa was spinning

Met a cool girl from back east...we have mutual friends

Wore my cowboy shirt and a red pencil skirt with my buddy chewed cowboy boots
E and Jake

Jiving with Oran

  The crowd

Gabby and Morgan

Jose, Raul and I


Vintage Christine said...

Man, if this had been going on when I lived in SF I really don't think I would've left! What's the club? Toooooo much fun and that pencil skirt rocks, girlfriend!

Darlene said...

Again, if I lived there, I'd be right there with you and the other revelers. I love your cowgirl ensemble, and might I say, you give that Kardashian broad a run for her money. But for MY money, you steal the show. Glamorous!

Rachelle said...

You should call those boots your "Buddy Originals." Might start a trend with all the hipsters lining up to get their shoes chewed up to make them look more rugged and cool!

Anastasia said...

That looked like a lot of fun!

Miss Dollie DeVille said...

Hey Kim!

I just gave you a blog award!

Head over to my blog to see it!


Sarsaparilla said...

You look great!! That red is a great color with your dark hair...

Happy Thanksgiving!

the solar flare said...

Beautifull post! I’m new on blogger and your blog is awesome!! If you want to follow me I’ll follow you back :D xoxo


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