Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My new favorite blog

She cracks me up. Says what I think and lives in a parallel world, although without the busy rockabilly socializing. Her rants about her in-laws-make me wince, since I, too, have hillbilly crazy white trash relatives. She loves and wears vintage, and I discovered a dress I'd been coveting on etsy, but was sold before I had gotten my first paycheck to pay for it, belonged to her!  One other thing, I think she lives somewhat close to me.

I am certain she is now fearful that I am a dangerous stalker who is going to kidnap her dog, but I know enough of my followers in person to quell those fears, I hope.

Meet Trixie "That's Just Stupid What You Said"


Anonymous said...

Just don't run him over before you kidnap him and we'll be fine!


Kim Bombshell said...

I won't hit him, I'm a bad Christian!

Anonymous said...

Too funny

And yes, that's where I live! You're good!

I actually think I met you at one of your shows in SF. I was a vendor in a parking lot!

Kim Bombshell said...

It's a small world! I was probably fatter then, hehe.

Rachelle said...

Following now.... :)

Kim Bombshell said...

Rachelle, you will enjoy her blog, especially when you figure out where she lives :-)


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