Saturday, October 30, 2010

San Franciso's 2nd Annual Zombie Prom

Last night was the 2nd Annual Zombie Prom put on by Tanoa Stewart at the Verdi Club. This year was fantastic. The costumes and decorations were tops, and with Okie Oran Spinning and music by the Hi-Rhythm Hustlers and Stompy Jones, a good time was had by all!

Enjoy the pictures!

I was a Sugar Skull

The Verdi Club

Jessica was Minnie Pearl

Dorian was a Zombie Princess

Our host, Tanoa Stewart
The lovely Eve from Montreal graced San Francisco again!
E was awesome!

E's costumes was one of the best, since the Giants are in the World Series with's funny because E grew up in Texas, but has his heart in San Francisco!

Gabby from Sewing is Hard looked so beautiful as a flapper
Lola Devlin from My High Heed Darling 
She looked adorable as Sally from Nightmare before Christmas
Lola and I both joked about how we had center parted our hair and I was informed that this is the only time I will ever see her with her hair straightened!

Aaron and  Mel from Incendiary Blonde

I did not recognize Mel until I heard her English accent!

Oran and Teresa with Eve

Oran and Teresa were inspired the television show Glee and the current plot of the pregnant cheerleader.

Morgan, Gabby's husband and I

When I first saw Morgan, I didn't recognize him and I said "There's my boyfriend!" Then he gave me a hug and said "No kisses tonight!" and I realized it was Morgan! 

Morgan had another girlfriend! My friend Veronica was also a Calavera "Sugar Skull"

I admit it, her costume was better than mine! It's ok, I expect Veronica to always be better dressed than I am!

The Hi-Rhythm Hustlers!

Raul looked great as Beetlejuice!
Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum were there!

My favorite costume of the night!
Here is another picture of Gabby and I. I just love this picture of her
There were so many fun costumes, I wish I'd gotten more pics of the costumes. This picture makes me think Dorian hasn't forgiven me the Dogpile in Long Beach, yet....

Now that I have a decent camera (Yay for me!) There will be more pictures posted in my blogs. Have a happy Halloween, everyone!


rancour said...

Looks like so much fun! Wish I could have found one in my area but I think i am to far out in the boondocks for that sort of thing. Thanks for all the pics, the bad looked awesome lol

The Black Opal said...

Wow! Amazing costumes and it looks like it was so much fun!


Gabriella said...

yay! I love all these pictures! You are a much better blogger than I. :)

MelBell said...

This was the funnest Halloween party!!!! I have never seen the Verdi so rockin' before....also thanks for the link to my blog! :D

Anonymous said...

This was a great night.

I wasn't in costume. But I guess since everyone else was, I suppose it was sort of it's own out of place costume?


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