Saturday, February 25, 2012


I gotta throw it out there.

DeWeese cotton sundresses....$100-$250!?!?!?

First of all...the style of sundress I am complaining about was manufactured for at least 20 years, maybe longer. There are a LOT of them out there. They are not rare. I have one that I picked up for about $18 last year in an ebay auction.Now, I suddenly begin to see these dresses sit on ebay buy it now and etsy for months and months because the sellers clearly don't know the market, or their product.  Maybe one of these common dresses sold at an inflated price once upon a time. A perfect vintage DeWeese sundress, with a sought after color pattern, MIGHT be worth $75 at the VERY most. An ordinary one, with ugly colors, should not be sold over $100. That is stupid for the person who buys it and greedy for the seller.

Girls, do your research before you pay too much for an ordinary vintage piece. Don't let greedy sellers get away with it.

This dress is for sale on Etsy for $250. UN-FING BELIEVABLE



Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

I just had the same reaction you had when I ran across a pair of beat up vintage jeans on Ebay for $990.00!!

They sure don't look like old store stock to me? Oh well, I guess there's a sucker born every minute!


Temperamental Broad said...

Ugh!! Its not even a great print. Greedy damn people!!!

Tara said...

Wow. Just when I thought I have "seen everything!"

I agree with Holly! That dress is not even that great!

Anyway, I guess some people are looking to make quick buck in the name of "vintage!"

Sally said...

WOW I have that exact dress . . . lol
its cute but not THAT cute . . .

Erin said...

Prices these days are out of control. There's a well-known seller from SoCal whose costs baffle me. Are people really this stupid, or have I just been out of it for that long, especially for "80's does 50's" stuff? More power to them if they make their money, but it makes me glad I'm not in that competitive buying pool anymore.

BTW, glad to see you back! :)

Straight Talking Mama! said...

It's driving me crazy these prices. I know that lots of us have been buying vintage for a long time and prices have changed a lot in that time but not this much! I agree I think people just think it's 50s, it's got to be worth a lot, not looking at style, colour, something out of the ordinary. That dress is a nice style but nothing special. Certainly not worth that kind of money.

Although I'm sad lots of my vintage doesn't fit right now, due to weight gain, I won't go and buy 'my size' cos I just can't afford to, it's crazy. I've also noticed vintage fabric has rocketed price wise, I used to buy a lot of this and make my own and don't even get me started on homewares, jeez, some 50s furniture over here they are trying to sell for crazy prices, strange though, like you said about the dresses, they're not selling!

Lovely to see you back, sorry for the rant ;o)

Gabriella said...

It seems like vintage EVERYTHING is insanely priced right now. I don't know what the ebay (in particular) sellers are thinking. I've been seeing sewing patterns for the most basic and un-fancy 50s and 60s day dresses listed for $30-$50 dollars. I would NEVER pay that much, especially when a lot of those styles are available in repro and modern patterns for half the price, or even less if one waits til the monthly $3.99 sale at Joanne. Anyway, somebody must be paying these crazy prices or the sellers wouldn't be listing things so high, right? As Erin said above, "Are people really that stupid?"

Kim Bombshell said...

The truth is that a lot of these "50s" DeWeese dresses are really 70s or even 80s since the style of the dress didn't change over the years.

At least the overpriced dresses are sitting online, without anyone buying them.

Living Vintage said...

Funny its like when the Shaheens started going for rocket high prices later if was the Kamehamehas, then it when to the swirls. Well on a positive note sounds like it is a good time to clean out your closets.


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